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on the road of becoming yourself

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Becoming Yourself
Discovering who you are and what's your path
Discovering new ways of life
Joy and fulfillment
How to change
Transforming perception
Learning to love life

development- diving inside - under and in between the covering layers- discovering you- coaching - spirituality - tools - growth - changes - purpose - meaning - mind - meditation - wisdom - methods and tools - expanding perception - energy

what do i offer

Coaching, and Transformation Individual work

Workshops and Motivation Speaking

Sharing Inspiration, Tools, and Techniques

Questions are

  • Have you been seeking for answers to understand who you are and what' s your path
  • Did you struggle with the way things were in your life
  • Have you been searching for a meaning
  • Have you been stuck and felt like there is no solutions, no way out
  • Have you tried to understand yourself more
  • Did you dream about simply BEING YOURSELF
  • Have you dreamed about creating new norms and new ways to experience your life

Where to kick-start the journey
how to discover new perception
discover yourself


What is in the offer for you​

Portugese Shadow2

Individual SessionS

Online Programs


Individual workflow

creating your own future

Your Individual Transformation

we want to tap into changes using the 5 elements (videos below) and Transform your reality

Being More You

getting to know more about yourself, what are your skills & talents, what makes you different - most likely those are your own unique superpowers, get to know your drives, your flow

Are you done with current norms

do you want to experience your life different?
perhaps you are done with compressing yourself to the average box of life, you are dying in boring routine grey offices. Or the Life of 'You should be doing thi
s' isn't really fulfilling you, Time to find Your Meaning Behind/ discover and create your own path and your own Future

Perspective Expansion NEW mindset

you want to uncover your potential of growth, of rewiring things that don't serve you, concepts norms and beliefs that are limiting you, that aren't truly yours/ no need to spend life repeating others scheme

Seeking for:
transforming your life & work
Experiencing Life differently
Better Easier Lighter Joyfully
Broader Perspective
New mindset, your own norms
Interested in:
discovering Yourself, your path
creating and impacting the future
Sounds Like YOU?

progress section

if you want



What is the most important to focus on
Needs / Changes / what isn't fulfilling you
Things that are Blocking / Stopping you
Myself Before / Myself Desired



It is the journey to the self-discovery
Overcoming Limitations / Empowerment
Get to know yourself
What Can you (skills, drive, talents, abilities, natural flow)
How am I different/ What are my Superpowers
What does it mean 'Being Me'
What do you want to experience
Internal Work Tools ( to tackle patterns, transform beliefs)



New Mindset / Perception
Creating your Reality / Growth/ Your Future
Goals / Steps / Roadmap
Meaning, Purpose, Mission, Connect with your vision
( life / work / business )
Finding your own path
Skills of the future / development / possibilities

5 TRansformative elements overview​

What Transformative results are we talking about

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module#1 Empowerment

Starting from finding the base Empowerment, space and understanding things happen from INSIDE(cause) OUT(results) which means 'Good News' it is really up to you to grab things in your hands, you are not a victim of your reality and I want YOU TO EXPERIENCE IT very freeing!

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module#2 myself

Second module is about who you are, about getting to know yourself and what's really yours?Deconstructing (coded in your mind) patterns, beliefs, limitations, and norms that are not supporting you, pulling it out of your subconscious mind. Discovering your skills, worth, natural talents, flow states, things that excites you, what truly makes you being you.

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module#3 mind management

So do you know how to manage your mind, feelings, emotions, thoughts, noise, STRESS? and if there is even a way to do so. In the module#3 we will get to know techniques that will show you how to work with your brain, learn to create space and manage your life/work/business from a completely different perception and mental space.

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module#4 purpose mission VISION

In the module#4 we can start to put the puzzles together, uncovering your VISION, focus what drives you, fulfills you, answering questions that you have in your life/work, focus is to help you bring your purpose into the reality by mapping all those aspects and combining them into a picture, your path with mission behind it.

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module#5 new mindset

In the end we want to install NEW CONCEPTS, MINDSET, creating your reality, shift in the perception, mentality of expansion 'Yes you can', for the one that will reinforce your growth and development into the future. Training yourself to bring supportive patterns.

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program structure

5 weeks online


heading for a journey to discover
the most Transformative elements and aspects
that you can bring to your perception and development
We will learn how to Use them
to bring positive changes to your life and work

who is it for

For the ones who seek for real Changes Transformation Progress Growth
Life improvement, new perception, creating your desired reality
You want to get to know yourself and your true Powers
For those that things seemed to not work as you would like to experience it
Also when You are stuck
Overcome what's 'impossible' Expand your Perception
Get Support Find Direction Discover new Tools
Get to know how to Transform your reality, life experience
How to bring new patterns, beliefs
If you had always QUESTIONS that you couldn't answer about your mission, purpose and path


My name is Karolina, I have spent about 10 years as an expat abroad making my way towards own development and understanding of who I am, what does it mean to be and think differently, why I challenge the norms, uncover the steps of my life path. With my natural strength, empathy, bravery, and heart I inspired and supported others in their paths and in daring to be just yourself, to overcome obstacles. It became apparent to me that I wanted to discover: meaning behind what I do, development of who I am and my abilities/ things I always enjoyed doing, fulfillment in what I do and how I live, purpose, freedom of choice - where, when, and how, also financial, and be the positive impact on others.

For the past 5 intensive years of deeper inner work, changing my thinking and tackling old norms, from understanding of myself, my brain, to mindfulness and yoga, 15 months living in world undergoing a transformation and awakening. I have decided to study Coaching, accomplished a course, and countless courses on various development inner work, transformation tools and techniques. I have been working with different mentors from traditional approach to energy work. I have spent daily deep work of learning, self-work, self uncovering, striping the layers, practicing #developmentJunky to come to this point - where I inspire, help, and guide people. I can offer you Powerful work, deep Transforming Experience, expanding perception, empowerment, changes that will impact your reality/your life. I can invite you to look into yourself to discover YOU.

Coming Workshops

In order to discover yourself, your path, change how you experience your life, expand perception, uncover those dreams that are guiding you somewhere - we need to uncover what was holding you back, what are the covering you layers, and get to know your mind, heart, and soul. This is what we will be busy with in the workshops..

Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.


“Do not be satisfied with the stories that come before you unfold your own myth”


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