Hello world!

Welcome to KW-worldme!

Warning! The content here is quite broad, and hopefully fun, so hold on and buckle up! Have fun, don’t forget to smile! As they told me in the Philippines, while I was attempting to throw myself on the surfboard second time in my life, and trying not to lose my teeth on it.

I will collect here some stories, living in the world experience, travels, and ways to live your life differently! Hopefully sharing stories of people and places around the world will work as a
People Connector (maybe bringing everyone a bit closer)
I am aiming to inspire some of You.

I will work with You on discovering yourself. I will be sharing the stories, interviews, and the rainbow of options that are out there available for everyone that wants to create some life changes and develop. I promise to Inspire, Support, Share knowledge, and information.
You will encounter my own story at times. Just because I believe it can be useful, and sharing is going to reveal a practical ‘how to’ discover yourself in between covering external layers.



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