Living Different Maybe Dumpster diving?

Dumpster diving, Okay doesn’t sound too fancy BUT.

After my coming back to Europe, I had a privilege to stay with my friends in Germany, Giessen. This was my first step, back in European lifestyle. I had a pleasure to get to know a bit more about this funky sounding concept of Dumpster diving.

WHAT is it? and Is this something for me?

You might think, what a hell is Dumpster diving are you wearing a divers suit and flaps? No not really although some gloves could come in handy. I have to say sounds scary, but this is actually a pretty relevant concept, especially nowadays when we throw away sooo much FOOD. It simply goes to waste. All those products that are out of date or look a bit shabby, are removed and dumped. That’s when the diving comes in hand. There are spots in Germany and surely in Amsterdam, NL where people are coming to get those products for free and just used them in their kitchen. It is a very resourceful, sustainable approach of using things that just by some general principle are “not good” which isn’t true, and it is also totally free!

I have seen some food that we were able to fish out, very delicious products damn good potatoes bag, asparagus that was only tiny bit starting to deteriorate, veggies, and many more items very good for you and absolutely safe to eat. The concept is not super new but brilliant. We should finally start questioning things and rules that are happening around us! Making us live, behave and function in certain ways but why?

This is just showing yet another great initiative to start doing things differently that are a bit more wise in using our foods and resources.

Also in Giessen, I got to know another way of hunting for some free products that would be otherwise thrown away. You can receive and collect on a specific day near the food market leftovers from the day. Everything that wasn’t sold but is gonna get wasted. The only thing you have to do is show up, cue in front of the spot at the certain time and pick up your items.

Awesome I must say. I was excited to come and see who is appearing and who is interested in the concept. I have to say there were all kinds of people, different ages, probably driven by different reasons. The one thing uniting was the awareness that this is happening in the town and it is an option to live this way.


To find out more about the story please check the link below:

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