A nomad life, Intro to Traveling


This year Travel began on 6 January 2018 on that day I became a nomad for the last 10 months. This is a long way of transition in my life and a second world trip I have had staying for months in many places. There were some other trips and discoveries in between, prior to those travels. This is my path of exploring the world and finding my place of belonging, of working, and sharing.

I have started my journey leaving Amsterdam, where I have lived as an expat for the last 9 years, and heading to Asia, Taiwan. Where I was meeting my friend Kelly another traveler and explorer pretty similar to me, only the Asian version. We have met in Bangkok, Thailand on my previous trip to South East Asia about 3 years before but that’s another story. Meeting people and becoming friends, just by being on the same boat and randomly asking them something about ticket prices, is a whole new way of making connections.

The magic of traveling

This is the true magic of traveling, you find yourself bonding with totally various people from everywhere and establishing strong bonds and mutual life understanding. Just like that! It is a real beauty of dropping some norms and letting yourself with the flow of what’s to come. Letting go of habits, stresses of daily, supposedly “normal” life and discovering something new about the world and definitely about Yourself.ย <<Transforming>>

After Taiwan I had a pleasure to explore the Philippines, Bali, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, and after many wonderful stories, working online, saving dogs, connecting to many of locals and travelers, getting sick, getting sick some more it was the time to come back to Europe. To take a breath, stay more in one spot at a time and focus on working and growing my passion and digital existence.

I can’t possibly tell you all the stories at once. There is a lot of recording that I have been doing on the way of moving around. I will be releasing all the cool stuff, all the useful things that you might like to read or learn about the world. As well, showing you many amazing, kind, and interesting souls out there that I got to know. Step by step!

I had a feeling this will be a strong, amazing, and challenging year ahead, full of surprises..

I had a hunch about 2018 being a strong year. I don’t know how about you but for me, it was exactly what I have felt. Until now I realized I have done a lot of progress and all kinds of work, world, and personal explorations. The world revealed to me whole new corners and beauties. Brought to me projects that are appearing and ready to be done. This is only a small part of the journey. ๐Ÿ™‚

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