Story of Pebbles and little steps that can be done to help.

The story

The story began when I came to stay at SIRI MADURA in Midigama, Sri Lanka. Where I have met some wonderful people that were like me there to explore the Sri Lankan coast. Two of them were a German couple by now, dear friends Nina and Pascal that united with me in warm heart feelings of caring for animals around.

In the guesthouse, where we were all staying, there was one stationary dog, adopted as a poppy Sisi, to be the homestay animal, with a daredevil little cat Kiddo, that thought he is indeed a dog.

As you probably know or experienced yourself while traveling, many parts of the world don’t have much ‘space’ for a caring approach towards the animals. Especially, places that are in greater poverty. Mostly, there is no special connection with surrounding animals, with some exceptions of course. Sir Lanka is one of those places that have many street dogs, cats, and domestic animals that are basically on their own fighting for survival.

Pebbles was one of the street dogs that came very often, since there was no fence, to run around in the garden in front of the Siri Madura house. She was pretty skinny and her fur was quite bad, full of bags and dirt, the tail was always hidden and down. She was an outsider, just passing by to maybe steal some lucky food aside, when possible. Nina was the one that started to feed her a bit more, giving some leftover rice, after some yummy rice and curry feasts.

This is how the quest began with named by us later Pebbles. To make it happen and let her stay in the guesthouse as a part of the pack. The only problem was how to accomplish that. Nina got extra cleaning gear and we got some more dog food to be able to feed all the animals there without any complaints. The money was limited and only taken by current volunteers from the stash of what they had to give away back to the manager. Nina and I have cleaned Pebbles and to be honest this was an amazing sight! I haven’t seen such a happy moment of relief. From a homeless being, stressed, dirty, scared, and constantly prepared to run, to a doggy behavior, jumpy with the tail up.

Another challenge was that the original owners where living nearby 3 brothers, I guess one of them was the real owner, and the rest was just taking care of the property. Nonetheless, all the financial management was done by the person only randomly passing by and dealing with the volunteers. So as you can imagine many people involved, and a hell of a job to figure out who is who and convince all of them that it is a really good thing to give a home to this lovely sweet dog. Another aspect of the puzzle was jealous dog Sisi that wanted all the food and attention that was possible, as she was leading and the only dog raised there.

I have spent days organizing home for Pebbles, after talks, discussions, and some stories from all sides, the situation started to stress me out, since Nina and Pascal left I was the only one to finish the mission. I haven’t given up, I asked the only remaining in the guesthouse friend to join the wagon and save Pebbles. So together with Adam, we went on a scooter ride with this poor scruffy thing, to get her rabies shots, bugs pills, and prepare her to become a home dog.

I have found out that there is SOS ANIMAL center not too far from the place. The trip was risky taking Pebbles with a leash, which she has never worn in her life before, and plus holding her on the scooter. Was crazy but we made it!

Pebbles got her own doggy book with an official statement of her shots and name. I asked and begged everyone to keep her. I have established money can so all the visitors would drop some change for all the Siri Madura animals there. The voluntaries promised to pass it on to the next one coming to work there.


It made me think about the suffering of people and any other beings around the world. I perfectly understand that there are many places out there, where we should save kids and people in need and that is clear. But it doesn’t mean we can’t help with some little effort all the Beings we meet on our way.

Going farther on in my travel, I have told the story of Pebbles to some new friends I met on the way. Also to a Spanish girl that I have shared a room within the mountains of Ella. To my amazement a month after I have received from her a picture of a poster saying about feeding the animals of Siri Madura and donating some cash to the money can. I also saw some pictures of Pebbles making more steps while adapting to her new life.

The cherry on the top came much later, only last month a friend of mine arrived at Sir Lanka. He went to visit the guesthouse in Midigama and check on Pebbles. I was able to see her again. I am absolutely proud to say that she looks much healthier, calm and happy! <3

To check more videos about the story check the YouTube:

Update on Pebbles a few months later ๐Ÿ™‚

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