It is Amazing!

It is Amazing!

I have to share it. I have been walking by the city on Friday evening, nearly the end of the summertime. It smells like rests of the heat barely remaining, already interrupted only a few times by some cold days and chilly nights. I couldn’t get over my amazement, walking those streets of my home city, how time flies, and what has happened in between. What I am thinking about is ‘I am living this life that I could barely dream of when I was younger’ when I was still living in the same city that I am in right now, just for four months.

Freedom while traveling is unbelievable. The ability to build my work and do my work in the way I want. Possibility and trust in what I am doing. Making my online work something inspirational this is real ‘OMG’ super cool moment. Giving my talents to the world YEAH! Working on my projects.

All that jazz

This hasn’t been an easy nor perfect ride. It is still very demanding. At times it really felt like constantly breaking through. Especially this summer was a real culmination of what is there I should still have a look at. This whole journey is also a step by step years of discovering and peeling layers of what I could be doing or what could be the meaning of all that jazz.

Of course, not everyone is destined to travel nor work remotely or do their own business, startup, etc. But one thing is certain and that one I will be encouraging everyone to have a look at. Do what you like, love doing! Remember those little moments, when younger, like wanting to do something or having a feeling about wanting to live in a certain way or be doing something in particular? Yes, that’s it! Probably that’s the thing that was calling you all along. I could come back to that exact feeling about travels, trips about freedom, and exploring my life. Also about helping, inspiring people. Noticing how much strength and truth was coming out of my guts in those moments >WOW, real lioness 😉 unstoppable that’s the word.> The same also about adventures, connecting with people, creating things, thinking creatively, and ‘out of the box’. I could say that’s, in a nutshell, my core.

Yes, you have it too

Everyone has something like that ‘In Them’ may be more or less suppressed by the casualty, worries, living day by day, making an income to survive, and so on. Whatever that is that took it far away from your reality it doesn’t really matter. Point is this is probably your ‘meaning’, your talent, or life path that you were supposed to explore, discover, even live. I have talked with many people, read, listened, explored the topic and one thing became clear, apparently many of us are seeking a more meaningful life. This question comes to them at some point and knocks on the door waiting to be answered.

Some people start wondering about their work and life direction because they feel empty, others because they made all the money possible and they still feel empty, unfulfilled, or even depressed. Some very practical ones are swiping any thoughts under the carpet, building a thick layer of illusional control. In all those cases, there is a moment that we <?> question, well many of us at least are. I truly believe that whatever it is that was calling you to experience or that you simply enjoy doing, you should be probably occupied with, in your daily life.

The motion of Changes in Life

It is amazing how the modern generations started to state those questions, leave ‘normal’ jobs, and reinvent their own lives to something that is closer to who they are. Something that they could actually enjoy doing. Not waiting for the weekend to finally live again but make living a full-time occupation.

I want to encourage everyone to dig deeper, to find time to look at it and ask yourself: What do I really like, enjoy doing? and find some way to incorporate it into your life on a daily basis. I can say directly that I will be doing projects connected to the ~Motion of Changes in Life~ so you can count on me to motivate you and support your steps in that direction. Since I am on my path I have many answers and ways of finding the direction! Life is gradually and progressively more beautiful, content, and closer to ‘who I am’. It became experience rather than ‘I have to’ live it in some way. <3

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