VIEWS, the world full of natural wonders and beauty

The world full of natural wonders and beauty

I can’t express it in other words, I have seen so many natural wonders in the world that I am literally stoked. With years passing by, I have been gradually discovering more and more, my connection to nature, and how important and crucial it is to be close to it. Of course, while traveling it is even more euphoric! Suddenly starting to have it as a norm >waking up on a paradise island or in wildness. So it becomes a part of your life. Please trust me it is a whole new ballgame to your body and to your mind. If you are a person that grew up like that, close to nature, fair enough maybe you don’t even see it as something unique. For someone like me, most years of life spent in the city jungles it is a beautiful experience. Important enough to start thinking ‘this should be my life’, I want to stay connected.


Along traveling and discovering such amazing places, scootering on islands, finding secret spots, breathtaking beaches, green jungles, beauty is endless! The roads are inviting to reveal some more of the world.

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