All about Remote Working, change your lifestyle.

The magic of remote work

It was a long time coming to me, years before only a glimpse of dreamy thinking. Piece by piece it was coming as one puzzle. My travels definitely brought it together. When I left the first time to Thailand in 2014 I have met people that were training or living their lives while doing some work online like web developing, graphic design or photography 2 or 3 times per week for Europe or the world. Rest of their time they could spend enjoying life and their passions. That was the moment that the seed was planted, for longer travels, backpacking and finding my own way of life. I also wanted to live my life freer and truly to my potential of who I am.

Finding the path was really alongside my own development, learning professionally and personally. It was gradually, step by step bringing me closer to the topic: how I can be in this world, how I could work using my talents and how could I progress towards what I want to do.

The Beauty of changing your work

The Beauty of changing your work towards what you’ d love doing and being more remote is the absolute feeling of Freedom, of space to exist according to what you want to do, where to and when. It is aligning yourself with your own rhythm, bringing the best of your abilities. Another aspect is your bigger space for growth and learning independence, using the technology easily accessible anywhere. Changing mentality and focusing on gathering the knowledge that is crucial for your own development and progression on the path.

Trust me and thousands of others involved in digital working, this is a pretty brilliant feeling.

The transition that is happening in the world is deeply connected with the technology, changes that are present everywhere. People start to seek something more than running for the rat career and money, spending most of their lives behind the desks and collecting more and more burnouts. Many of us acknowledged that it isn’t working anymore they are unhappy, that they have so much more to give in this life and so much more to experience. It is truly beautiful to observe this nearly grand movement on many levels. Some found themselves dropping so-called norms and going to explore the world, connect with other professionals elsewhere than the office. Others find the space to bring to the light their passions and skills creating something of their own. Doesn’t matter what is your ‘Remote way’, is it freelancing for someone, or just changing hours, creating your own remote business or living while traveling. What’s crucial is changing the norms that were for many years ruling this world. The norms that society created and aren’t valid nor working anymore. It is the time for the transition to something much closer to who we are.

The fun of living differently

Space and time for your own rhythm, being in places that ultimately you feel the best at and most content with. Taking a break from work by getting out there and having a swim in the sun, or being active every day. Working from somewhere near the ocean, nature, from a nice inspiring cafe, whatever you want and is best for you. That’s really amazing! Life becomes one flow that brings variety, stimulations, inspirations and an alignment with your needs. Freedom of choice, time for your loved ones, flexibility for your schedule with passion and desired activities.

I will be getting back to this true movement growth, bringing your stories and updates on where is it heading and what’s happening in the world in the topic of different living and working.

If you have questions or you want to hear some more please don’t hesitate to leave the comments below.


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