Golden MIND 🧠the 5 most important points of creating your own lifestyle 🎞️video inside

Why ‘Golden Mind’

I thought about the name of ‘Golden Mind’ due to the so-called Golden Rule – “a basic principle which should always be followed to ensure success in general or in a particular activity”. It is a perfect connection to what I am trying to tackle here. A struggle in succeeding your battle to live Your Life on your terms, work your passion, live the passion. This isn’t so easy but also not impossible. It is pretty straightforward if you find the right mindset. Getting out of a box of working norms was never easy. If we haven’t had pioneers we would we progress globally and personally? It is finally the time to pick up your path and GO!

I have been discovering those points gradually by observing what is out there on the ‘other side’ of self-work, remote work. What are those points that are the most crucial to look at? What obstacles are stopping you from picking up your game in making your life/work passionate? What to look at to get to the core of it. 

Check those 5 Golden Mind Points:

  1. Do You know what do you want to experience in your life?
  2. Define your DRIVERS (meant pointers that drives you) and find out your ‘WHY‘! What stands behind your actions, tasks, projects, work. Do you have your WHYs?
  3. Golden Structure, your self crafted structure of the day. Adjusted to what works for you the best. To your routines and rhythm. Write down your max. 5 goals per day (do it the day before, stay flexible, make it less when necessary, change the type of tasks when needed, make your month/week overview if it works for you) and remember to BE kind to Yourself! Find your personalized productivity method, what is the most important – craft it in a way that works for you and serves your goals. The lifestyle that you want to live.
  4. Is your Brain telling you ‘You can’t do it?, throwing you fears and thoughts to question you, ‘SHUSH’ it, don’t engage in it only observe it. Bring new patterns to your subconscious.
  5. Bring back CURIOSITY and FUN to everything you do daily.

What else is blocking you from living your unique lifestyle?

Share your comments and thoughts🌎🗣️🤝

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