Meeting with Pauline from Coworkies- UPs and Downs of co-working🤔 What’s the future like? Power of Collaboration

#SeriesPeopleandInterviews Meeting Pauline co-founder of Coworkies platform – 🌎 worldwide co-working spaces and offices, a community of remote and digitally working people. What Coworkies has to offer: community, connections, professionals and possible collaborations, jobs, co-workies spaces with insights about them. Ups🔼 and downs🔽 of co-working spaces. Current state and future of co-working. Introducing power of

Meeting with Mag Boron Founder and CEO of

#SeriesPeopleandInterviews ➡️ Amazing talk with Mag – a citizen of the digital super-continent, creator of a great community of the borderless digital nation. Plus current updates on remote work, the transformation of the working norms, environments moving to the virtual offices. A gradual transition of the big corporate players and companies. Remote based full-time jobs

How to Continue #when it’s hard🤯#when you are Burned🔥#when you are Fed up😵 ->Your Growth Tree Inside

Top 10 on what to do I was brainstorming on what could I bring for You.. What would be this solid List of usefulness. What could I Share? How can I help YOU on your path? The answer was simple >> to share with You what people have been experiencing, facing and hitting similar walls

Meeting with Bobby Umar- Life of Choice vs Default?🔍

#SeriesPeopleandInterviews 🤗🤓 #SpecialGuest – Very Inspiring talk with Bobby Umar, Life of choice leading to fulfillment and freedom. How to find your own path, Importance of Connection and Networking especially in digital/remote work, What it takes to change your life. Meet Bobby Umar – A social media advocate, who champions authentic connection and leadership, Inc