Meeting with Pauline from Coworkies- UPs and Downs of co-working🤔 What’s the future like? Power of Collaboration

#SeriesPeopleandInterviews Meeting Pauline co-founder of Coworkies platform – 🌎 worldwide co-working spaces and offices, a community of remote and digitally working people. What Coworkies has to offer: community, connections, professionals, and possible collaborations, jobs, co-workies spaces with insights about them. Ups🔼 and downs🔽 of co-working spaces. Current state and future of co-working. Introducing the power

Meeting with Mag Boron Founder and CEO of

#SeriesPeopleandInterviews ➡️ Amazing talk with Mag – a citizen of the digital super-continent, creator of a great community of the borderless digital nation. Plus current updates on remote work, the transformation of the working norms, environments moving to the virtual offices. A gradual transition of the big corporate players and companies. Remote based full-time jobs

How to continue -when it’s hard🤯-when you are burned🔥-when you are fed up ->your Growth Tree inside

Top 10 on what to do I was brainstorming, thinking what would be this solid List of usefulness? What could I Share? How can I help YOU on your path? The answer was simple >> to share with You what people have been experiencing, facing, and hitting similar walls while working their way to digital.

Meeting with Bobby Umar- Life of Choice vs Default?🔍

#SeriesPeopleandInterviews 🤗🤓 #SpecialGuest – The inspiring talk with Bobby Umar, Life of choice leading to fulfillment and freedom. How to find your path? Importance of Connection and Networking in the digital era. What does it take to change your life? Meet Bobby Umar – A social media advocate, who champions authentic connection and leadership, Inc