How to continue -when it’s hard🤯-when you are burned🔥-when you are fed up ->your Growth Tree inside

Top 10 on what to do

I was brainstorming, thinking what would be this solid List of usefulness? What could I Share? How can I help YOU on your path?

The answer was simple >> to share with You what people have been experiencing, facing, and hitting similar walls while working their way to digital. What everyone and anyone at some point is coming to struggle with!

Throughout the time there is One Topic that keeps coming back. I am truly seeing this real demand for finding structure in your remote work, life. I have met people that were battling with establishing their rhythm, especially those that build their own thing, their Startup, Business digitally. In general, this is a pretty HOT topic for any digital nomad or someone that has changed life to the remote. How to organize yourself and maybe also join it with being in the world? At the point, you have your time, space Freedom and what do you do with it, how do you arrange it? If there are no external pointers, boxes put on you, there is much more space for your head <oh surprisingly> to start thinking.. There is a demand for creating your own goals, pulling through your objectives, and a true need to stay connected. Bring to your working life social aspect, and hold on to keep meeting people also face to face.


Surely You might HIT THE WALL! How to Overcome it?

#when it’s hard

#when you are starting to be Burned

#when you are Fed up

1. Let’s start by getting some kind of Structure in place. Yes, there are millions of tips on it, I know. But why general tips DON’T WORK and HOW TO MAKE it YOURS and really bring it to your life working?

⭕First of all, find your rhythm > forget about the BOX,📦 you have spent too many years in external people’s boxes. Drop it! Discover your own clock and functioning time and space. If this is:

⭕Morning routine – get up early then, get in place your favorite morning routine. What do I mean with it, establish things that best are working for you and you like doing? You can even write down 1,2, or 3, etc. routines, bring variety, don’t bring back your brain to autopilot. Stay present! If it’s putting your best-liked music🎵, shower, awesome powerful breakfast, some movement practice of yoga, meditation, or running. Whatever floats your boat. Maybe you like to write down your day/week plan, it could be also a good way of waking up your brain with creative writing or generally creativity, maybe signing why not! If you are high speed in the early morning start with your most important tasks right away, establish them, and go get it, tiger!🐯 Otherwise, you can also spend the first hour or two on listening or reading some motivations, getting to know interesting information, inspirations, moving your spirits a bit high, and up⬆️ getting your creativity active and incorporating it in your work.

⭕Later bird routine – find out about yourself what works best for you and just for you. The rule works basically the same but at different timing. If you are not early productive bird do more of your life in the morning or daytime and make sure you have some pointers and action plans for later. Divide your day into LIVING/ WORKING. You can also execute some most crucial ‘to DOs’ and leave the other creative part, thinking part for the evening.

⭕You can use magic systems, schedules, apps like Pomodoro applications, if it isn’t your real rhythm you will only keep trying to compress yourself into something that your body doesn’t really naturally respond to. Plus the days are changing and tasks are moving, remember to #Stay Flexible and fluid. Create Your Own Pomodoro technique. ®️🍅 It is all about timing your tasks very helpful when you need a buzzer to press your rhythm, also for making sure you are taking breaks. Little less useful when your day is moving, life is happening and it is also not really showing you any special overview or what you want to do across the day.

🍅 Define Your Goals – 1 main focus, maximum of 5 points per day (if you need to make it 2,3,4 or less adjust accordingly, stay flexible)

🍅 Write it down, check what works for you the best: monthly overview, weekly planning, always rewrite those Day points on the day of working on it itself.

🍅 Think about specifically the next days tasks and what is there to accomplish an evening before, also write it down a day before

🍅You can try some of those Pomodoro timers Apps, I found something like Pomotodo to be quite interesting to use with a pretty clear overview. Check it out, just make sure it really works for YOU.

To organize yourself well, you can also test Notion or find your focus with Workflowy a bunch of digital nomads were pretty happy with them so worth having a look

⭕Kill Your emails in the less productive part of the day 📩

Shut Your Socials ⛔

Focus Music, boost your brain with some good vibration focus impacting frequency. For everyone else that could be something different. For me definitely, it works to switch on and off on external distractions.

These guys brilliantly write about how to make time for what matters, how to put the focus on important things, and get out of the hamster wheel of spinning in-between tasks and never-ending little distractions. I got the book pretty accidentally and I have to say it is really spot on and just what I needed while talking about some life, work structure. Check it out! I am sure there is a lot of points of Usefulness for You.
You can find it in here 🙂

2. Time for a Break,🔔 get yourself your favorite break organize it. Get out! Again variety can be a key in here. Go outside, take a walk, in nature, sea, ocean, forest. This is really #Magical Unwinding. You can also stay inside but move, exercise, do something creative, take time for some nice food that you like. Treat Yourself with kindness, take care of yourself! 🦄

Don’t forget to grab small breaks, there are different recommendations on how to do it. Every hour or 2 hours standing up, stretching, simply walking. There are also well-known standing desks, sitting balls, and the list goes on. I think yet again it depends on whatever is best for you, whatever really works. There might be more funky ways to execute some breaks (perhaps 5 min. hula-hoop🤸‍♀️🤸‍♂️) or do some yoga💚 but one thing is for sure get yourself an alarm, buzzer to not forget it. Until now I am still sometimes stubbornly sitting without making enough stops for my body and frankly, results are clear – painful back. Do you do the same mistake or you have some magic tricks in place?

3. Connect and Meet People,🤝 don’t stay alone, get out there if you are nomading join into some online Groups, maybe local Meetups, Digital work communities. Find your support. Especially when you are burning out or you feel lost with your next steps and work when you can’t overcome some issues when you struggle. It is simply a big necessity for this Digital, Remote work, Nomads Transformation to connect and Co-work. If at the point you can’t join or pay your fee for outside Co-working space, just go to a ‘working cafe’ spot nearest place where it seems like you can plug in and there are some other ‘laptop people’. Chat over coffee. Perhaps find your personal wise to get out there.

There is a lot of apps and platforms, as a quick solution you can check the nearest local Meetup also look for the most suitable for you Facebook/LinkedIn groups that are out there to join.

4. Find Your Drivers, as one of the wise development teachers stated remember about CURIOSITY being the main driver and motor of doing things in this world. As you are facing many tasks with your work, and are flooded with ‘what else is to be done’ you might be loosing your >right motive, motivation< making it a long list of “Have TOs”. Bring it back to be CURIOUS about what you are doing, learning, expanding. Wake up your CREATIVITY. Find your own ‘DRIVERS’! (*meaning what drives you) For your work, life, passion, and business.

5. Let Go, 🕛 learn to recognize when is the time to let, to drop everything and give yourself a real time out. From experience, I know sometimes something so clear isn’t as easy. The trap is when you are trying to build things on your own, you might be tagging along with your work and laptop everywhere you go. As much as this is okay for a while, afterward healthy balance is needed. The main rule, especially for all the perfectionists, give it a break! When do you really do it? Learn to recognize when your head is starting to play hoops on you when you really don’t feel good or start to be very fed up with everything. Don’t care about your carefully crafted list of tasks. Take a step and refresh by changing the environment, by making more space in the weekends, or any other days you ‘d consider good for some free time. If you are overloaded maybe start from one day off in the week, or every second weekend completely free and spacious for only ‘me time’. If you can’t stop get your friend to kick you and your bum bum out there.

6. Find your Energy Boost, energize yourself. As often you need to take breaks and learn to find space also for your own weekends. Which seems easy until you are starting growing ‘your own baby’ you might be forgetting about it. It isn’t only about learning your time off, it is also to keep finding what really energize you at your work. Is it being active, connecting with people, expanding your knowledge so staying on top of learning? It could be also some adrenaline on achieving chosen, special goals, perhaps changes in the flow. One way or the other incorporate it, shift it at times, bring some new flows, fresh breeze. Stagnation equals not much new action. Keep ideas floating, keep seeking inspirations, places, people that can bring some movement into your life.

7. Find Your Mantra, don’t forget > it is really already enough what you are doing there, and who you are. It is totally enough just being You. As long as you find and keep your mantra straight. Especially if you base your whole action on ‘WHY’ you do it? #Find Your Why! Never walk away from your ‘WHY’ in order to fit it in a nicely matching something, like fitting in a business. As much as you are losing the core and the root, going in that direction I believe you’ve really lost it. Your mission behind won’t be recognized and your customers, clients will also feel it and spot it.

8. Find FUN, change your vibe, discover the fun back in what you do. Revive it! Bring some lightness and flow to your work. Some productive approach with passion and a bit of fun that’s the key. You don’t want your work killing your enjoyment of what you are creating there.

9. Hack Your Brain when you are overwhelmed take distance, open yourself for opportunities that are coming, have a plan but don’t stubborn yourself on it. Leave space to what’s coming. You never know what is out there for you. That doesn’t mean don’t have a general plan and pointers on what do you want to achieve. I am just saying Stay Open.. Observe your mind especially when it’s throwing you lousy thoughts, bombarding you with questioning, putting you down, kicking in with some fears. Learn to look at it without being sucked into this whirlpool, pay attention and bring new patterns to your subconscious #MINDFULNESS is the key. Finally, learn to truly #APPRECIATE YOURSELF for where you are now and your steps in your journey. The Journey is the goal itself!

For some mindfulness time, you can try something that will help you start like Headspace app.

10. Find your passion, base your work on what really stimulates you, what you dig and you truly feel has great worth to you. DON’T make anyone convincing you, you should convert your passion into a cold-hearted business. Fair enough, you can receive the money out of your passion and what you do. Make a plan on how you can exchange your work and energy you put out there into money flow. Remember you are You that is where your POWER lies. You don’t need to look around other people and companies. You have your thing, and even maybe you aren’t working in any special niche that doesn’t matter. By offering your unique talents and personal approach in an honest way you are transforming it into something that can’t be compared to anything out there that already exists. Accordingly, you will find your fans, followers, and clients.

Share Your Struggles,🗣️ Connect if you need support🙋‍♀️

What other issues do you stumble upon?📢

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