Meeting with Mag Boron Founder and CEO of

#SeriesPeopleandInterviews ➡️ Amazing talk with Mag – a citizen of the digital super-continent, creator of a great community of the borderless digital nation. Plus current updates on remote work, the transformation of the working norms, environments moving to the virtual offices. A gradual transition of the big corporate players and companies. Remote based full-time jobs that you can execute from anywhere in the world with some great benefits. How to do it? How to hop on the wagon of changes, for both employees and employers? How to find yourself in it and bring your passion to remote?

Who are Pangians? ‘Our mission is to empower every person in the world to contribute their talent, creativity, and productivity unrestricted by geographic location and help the next-generation organizations innovate with purpose.’ – Sounds good to me🧐💚

Link to the platform:

And the community on FB: REMOTE & TRAVEL JOBS & LIFE

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