Meeting with a very Inspiring Video Maker – how to reach 100 million views with your passion and accidentally end up traveling the world

#SeriesPeopleandInterviews – Project Nightfall what can You learn from a successful video maker that has worked hard 7 years/6days a week/10 hours per day. How to overcome difficulties and find a path to your passion or rather how passion guides you in a very interesting way. How to create videos and reach all in all up to 100 million views <WOW> and stick to meaningful content and your purpose behind it.

We will also uncover some of the questions below in the video conversation :

❓How did you start video editing and joined one of the biggest YouTubers which ultimately helped you to bring your video career all the way to LA?

❓So what is ‘Project Nightfall’?

❓How do you end up traveling the world with your passion onboard without even dreaming of doing that?

❓Where can you find one of the most colorful and astonishing wedding outfits in the world?

I invited Agon the person behind the Project Nightfall because I found his videos to be very inspiring, meaningful, and helpful. As I promised to share all kinds of ways to the world that are also pulling together passion into work.

The story of my guest is unique. The idea of changing Your own life overnight, perhaps sounding impossible but it is true. Like so many Digital Nomad stories, travelers, explorers, or remote working people. That very often made a whole change of lifestyle or path transformation in one day. It is sometimes about this one decision, this one night that can create a twist in your life. This is how Project Nightfall was born. A very powerful example of how you can decide to shape your reality, using only one switch.

The whole range of Inspirational videos of Project Nightfall mesmerized me. I wanted to speak with Agon and try to discover his way to where he gets to be so positive and persistent in helping people finding themselves on their path in life. He made videos about: Why You Shouldn’t Complain, Why I don’t say “YOU’RE WELCOME”, are we teaching RACISM to CHILDREN, we killed MUSIC, The Truth about Acceptance before you WASTE your LIFE watch this, MONEY is made from ANIMALS, Why I Have an Accent, the SHOCKING truth about CEREAL, The Global Housing Crisis, Are We Teaching Women To Hate Themselves, Are We Wasting More Food Than We Eat, Are we making love illegal? Can People Change?, How Do We Know Who’s Our Real Friend, before you lose CONFIDENCE watch this, Are We Becoming Anti-Immigrant?, how to DEAL with CRITICISM, before you BREAK UP those and more to come are revealing stereotypes, touching important topics, uncovering social issues.

As interesting as it gets, Agon ended up traveling the world and shooting videos with Nas Daily, extremely known and present on Facebook. Without even particularly dreaming of discovering the world, he is doing it thanks to working on his passion and mastering the art of video creation. Ultimately he took the risk, on top with hard work which is always paying off, as he says. The change that played a big part in his life was the time when Agon discovered his goals. When he turned 18 it was the first time he started to see and experience the difference between a life with and without purpose.

The Project Nightfall mission is to share, inspire but also the goal of actually creating an organization that will help people that struggle with depression, tough past, and issues. Spreading this ripple of impacting positively, uncovering many stereotypes about people, places, believes. The combination of overcoming personal struggles and working on what you love comes together with such an important footprint. That can be lifted and shared by social media, and current technology, reaching masses globally. Can you imagine 100 million views of impact?

This isn’t the exact classical ‘passion and remote working’ kinda thing. This is a very special blueprint, showing that no matter what seems to be impossible you can always transition in your life to what you are best at, and what your talents are telling you to pick up.

Many ways are leading into experiencing the world, I am certain everyone can discover their place and their own superpowers. We can only hope for more people creating their content that reaches millions and teaches millions. Alongside uncovering multiple important messages that are hidden in the world.

<Gosh> I can’t stop being impressed with human stories.

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