13 countries, lessons, 4 New Years eves, what was the biggest Journey in 2018?

wishes for 2019

I have shared in the short video my wishes to all of You Remote Workers, Digital, World traveling people, and everybody else! clip from the FB page KWworldme I decided to keep the original New Year spirited message also in here.

Full year 13 countries 4 new year eves and the most important journey in 2018

This year was full of challenges, transformations, the open road, changes, and questions to answer. Merging the path of passion, work, and the world together. Bringing inspiration out there, connecting with amazing people. Days filled with freedom, nature, sun and amazement and months spent on growing me and my work. Time of doubts, and facing myself, lasting moments of being cut away from real human interactions. YEAR of realizations. It takes a lot to build your own road, but it is time to take the life experience in your hands. What do you want to experience in your life?

Lesson 1.

Building your work based on your true image, talents, abilities demands a lot of self-awareness, strength, self-development, some sense of courage. You are putting yourself out there. Especially building your brand you do want to bring the best value but often rather in the most so-called super professional way rather than personal. Although people got ahead of branding ideas and they already know how important is to reveal your own story standing behind the brand. 

No matter what, follow your guts, building your a startup, and content takes time to listen what plays inside you. Bring your truth out, don’t be afraid to show your more detailed story. Choose your path accordingly even you can’t see clearly yet why is it pulling you towards a certain direction.

I started my journey from leaving Europe and the previous office job. The traveling flow was already known to me and the fact how much transformative it can be. I have experienced it in previous years. I have tasted it, the freedom, connectivity, stories, and the beauty of the world. This time, reaching nearly 10 years of experience was calling me to make it happen, living every day of my life my passion, my purpose – I would say. Making ‘WHAT I do’ and ‘HOW I do it’ , freedom of WHERE I do it- being the first criterion of work, business choice. The rest is knowledge, talent, passion, and commitment.

In the still beginning of 2019, I want to ask You what do You have to offer to the world? Do you know by now, have you ever explored it about yourself?

Lesson 2.

Make sure you trust your road. You are open to change your thinking, start learning and finding the expansions by yourself and on your own terms.

The whole new working way comes to the point of forming a new approach of self-development, study, and new skill sets that could work along with your own freedom and responsibility. Completely new angle of looking at your working time and space. You choose but you are also having on your shoulders the results. This is certainly challenging to most of us individuals to pick up the game of ‘Working Smarter’. Bringing your productivity up in a condensed manner, than based on tasks fulfillment. These and more of novelties you will face turning remote. Be prepared to grow, learn, adjust, and to change your perspective when needed.


Lesson 3.

The journey to the world became the journey to myself. You can discover your whole depth if you dare to. Sounds romantic but not quite rather super demanding. The world was testing my resistance. The first part which was mainly just traveling around already started to test my patience with health, and afterward patience with the amount of visited medical centers in Philipines, Bali, Sri Lanka, finalizing with lovely hospital visit in Hong Kong. A cherry on the top ambulance coming to pick me up one evening. I had to face myself, my fears, and answer where my path is going further on.

Lesson 4.

You will always find kind people around the world that will help you, especially when you need it the most. In the picture above just kindness that just appeared in the right moment coming to rescue. Beautiful thing is happening when you connect.

After coming back to Europe I had a pleasure to start exploring my inner beliefs. My approach to work, life, and what I really want to do and achieve with so-called remoting. I had to evaluate the working system, even tell myself not to ‘workaholing’ myself with the laptop in the weekends. Most world greatest CEOs and entrepreneurs would say this is perfectly normal to constantly work when you have your baby business. There is more it. Overdoing means you might result in some achievements and reached goals but with certain exhaustion or worst-case scenario price of your health! Lesson learned or not quite fully yet( even now sometimes I am forgetting about it).


Lesson 5.

That leads me to – get your balance straight. One of the main issues to tackle in the remote world is ending up disconnected. Networking is the key, learning how to transform this into cooperating, connecting in real life, getting on board of possible groups, meetups, other ‘laptop working’ people around, making it your casual practice. As I’ve read this is the power of millennial generation, not the competitive rat race but collaboration. So lets use it. Finding your mentors, supporters, and teachers is highly recommended by any of the successful life path creator or entrepreneurs.

Lesson 6.

Coming back to the inner journey, how to build your own working road, well.. look inside ask yourself as only you have the answer on what is calling you. As in the outside world, things are changing, happening – to know where you keep going you have to follow your transformation inside. For that, you should have your guts in the On mode.

Lesson 7.

Look around and spot beautiful nature. The world has taught me yet another lesson, there are so many wonders in any corner of the planet. You can re-discover the astonishment of the most far, hidden, exotic places. However, let’s not forget you can also simply find it right underneath your nose, in the most likely forgotten neighborhood of old, known places.

Lesson 8.

Speaking about NATURE – make time to find it. To use the chance and plug into the present moment. This is the best way to ease your head from constant planning, thinking, working. It can do miracles especially when you have the full on romance with your laptop. I kept working myself out towards reaching the crazy mode, staying most of the time in my head with it all. It is great to have someone to brainstorm, share your struggles, team up. Otherwise, nature can definitely help you to unstuck yourself from virtual reality.

Lesson 9.

Remember to seize the opportunities that really speak to you. I ended jumping on things that ultimately weren’t completely right for me. How I recognized it? After one of the meetings, I had the feeling I am pretty much lost actually where am I heading with this further on. I kept constantly check if I am on the right track. Another case, I also experienced some rocks when I haven’t felt the mutual flow of work is being acknowledged, I reckon there are many people out there that would love to use some of your talents and incorporate them on board for free. What really bugged me there is not the fact that sometimes you shall invest some time to showcase your skills, build relationships, and spend a while investing before you receive value back – especially as a newbie in something. After discovering depths of my own value, and importance of holding yourself accountable of respecting your worth. Things you are giving shall have some ways of coming back to you with some kind of value back. I guess this is touching the mutual respect you are building with others and the true power of collaboration flow. 

Pay attention if something feels right. Yes, I said feel, only rationalizing everything sometimes is very limited in trying to intellectually predict all the outcomes, leaving behind the fact that maybe you just don’t ‘feel’ good with it. Cliche but true – turn your missed decisions into guiding you lessons. Be yourself, let’s not be afraid to say No when you need to.

Lesson 10.

This unexpected rose in the sandy beach was just quietly waiting to be discovered by passing people.

Give time to your work, it takes a while to fully blossom. With the bizarre concept of perfectionism, you might not go too far. By expecting fast results or too much instantly. Look at your subconscious beliefs that you were saturated with and you collected them up during all your life. Dig into yourself and realize what is truly yours and make clear what concepts are not yours. Perhaps it is time to leave old malfunctioning ideas not suitable to hold on to while strolling into the future. You might have to reach out for help with this one or learn techniques that are useful to get started. Yet another crucial aspect of moving forward in your life (meaning also your career, business, professional life) is to outgrow those holding you back convictions and beliefs. 

Lesson 11.

There are some challenges but also plenty of opportunities. You can create what you want only when you take your gut to unpack your box. Learn from what is already out there. Rewire your outdated type of working, thinking. Get your motivators, expand your knowledge, use the work transformation to be free to work from where you want and when you want. Learn to be ‘smart productive’. Get inspired and learn every day.

Lesson 12.

In conclusion, there is still much to do in the digital, remote work environment. Although the movement is massive this is only the mids of the transformation. Companies seem to not exactly know what to do with this new way of working. According to statistics, already 40% of people have at least partial flexibility worldwide. The virtual way of managing big or small enterprises is facing multiple challenges like: how to establish teams, communication, collaboration with others or team member, bonding, different time zones, cultures, approaches. There is a whole new set of tools needed and ways to maintain good connections and incorporate new socializing methods. Keep exploring what is out there to learn from others, plus stay tuned in what’s changing.

Lesson 13.

Good news is we are globally facing various transitions on many different levels. Thanks to the power of digitalization and rapid progress of the technology, we have all kinds of ideas on how to approach work. There’s no better moment to create Your work/life on your own terms and make some desired changes.

I am happy to give you some guidance on how to start your path, help you finding out where do you stand with your transition, show you useful to work with techniques. Feel free to reach out and get some information Here or you can directly Book an appointment

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