Meeting Lisette Sutherland director of Collaboration Superpowers, author of ‘Work Together Anywhere’: A Handbook on Working Remotely

Remote Work Evolution

#SeriesPeopleandInterviews I invited Lisette to talk about her impressive experience in the Remote work transition reaching almost 15 years. This is a bit longer than usually interview due to quite a few topics we’ve touched.

I was very keen on getting to know some details about writing the book ‘Work Together Anywhere’: A Handbook on Working Remotely- Successfully ‚ÄĒfor Individuals, Teams, and Managers. Which is on the list of ‘Top Remote Worker Reads of 2018’ by¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

We were reviewing the book details and some aspects of what can you find super useful for yourself there. Diving into the progress of remote work in the course of years and vision of the future Рvery likely full on working with holograms and endless technology wonders. Check it yourself, hope you get some future of work inspirations.

Lisette is the director of Collaboration Superpowers, a company that helps people work together from anywhere through workshops. She produces a bi-monthly podcast featuring interviews with remote working experts highlighting the challenges and successes of working with virtual teams. Lisette also published a book and spoke in Ted talk Work Together Anywhere | Lisette Sutherland | TEDxKaunas.

If you want to hear Lisette’s insightful story shared in her TED talk¬†.

YES, I DO recommend

It is really worth it, the book is insightful, there are many different aspects of remote work, shared years of experienced, targeted the way that it involves something for everybody, no matter of the place or position in the remote/flexible work path.

'Work Together Anywhere': A Handbook on Working Remotely‚Äč

You can order your book copy directly using one of the links below


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