I asked Hannah Dixon How to build an online company. Lessons learned what was the most Difficult?

#SeriesPeopleandInterviews – Meet Hannah Dixon with her online company DigitalNomadKit supporting VAs and Freelancers she has helped about 8000 people. I wanted to get to know her story of creating the business while being nomadic for the past 11 years. What are the difficult sides of Remote work and being a so-called digital nomad? How can you find out who to work with? What could you do differently to start your journey? and Is the traveling lifestyle a form of escape? Digging into those and more insightful questions.

Hannah is also one of the great, worth recommending specialists in the growing 🔺 RESOURCES base.

If you want to start your journey with Hannah 🔹 The 5 Day VA Challenge  or directly check the details and hop on 🔹 The VA Starter Kit

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