#SeriesPeopleandInterviews Richard Moore The power of networking, community, and sharing value

Richard is a Startup Consultant, Investor, and Sales Coach. He sparked my curiosity about the Networking event he has established – ‘The Entrepreneur Business Live’ – the idea behind running networking in slightly reverse order, reasonable to be a truly successful way. As usual, I wanted to get to know my guest’s story, uncover Richard’s path and his personal and entrepreneurial experience in creating the business, building community, sharing valuable content. What is more, I wanted to learn about Richard’s insight into the Startup, Online Business, Modern Entrepreneurial world. We spoke about what exactly demanded shifts in the mindset and different approaches to make it work as an Entrepreneur. Sharing more stimulating lessons and inspiring blueprints, getting to know great people and their stories. This fascinating talk was a pleasure!

We spoke about few aspects like:

🔵’let’s just treat people like grown-ups’ 🔵’if the work gets done and you feel fulfilled then probably you are doing it right’ 🔵’It is amazing how creative we can be when we give ourselves just a little space to do it’ 🔵Starting your own work brings amazing space for creativity, self-discovery, expansion 🔵Concept of hard-working 🔵Overcoming patterns and habits alongside how the tools and the ways we work are changing and developing 🔵Networking where you meet people that you already know – Entrepreneur Business Live events

About Richard: He invested in many of the companies he helped to create and shared with the world his views on business, through the weekly live Q&As he runs online, to speaking gigs in front of business owners in his space and his weekly blog. Richard also has brought to life the Entrepreneur Business Live events series. Operating across the globe, in London, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Melbourne, Barcelona and many more, “EBLive” has been rewriting the way networking events are built and are able to “do good”. By creating a community first and then providing them with world class speakers, a networking space and making donations to approved Charity Partners, impact is being felt not just by those that attend but also those less able; served by charities.

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