Do you like CHANGES?

Do you like CHANGES?

I have spent the last few days behind the glassy windows in my apartment, once I have been sickly with the autumn weather changes, and secondly, I have been working from home. I wanted to really focus and clear my mind with where I want to progress in my life further.

Sometimes you feel like you grew out of the place
Sometimes you feel something isn’t yours anymore.


It has been often hard on me when I just got comfortable with something being stable in my life – bam💥 – I have to get used to something else appearing on the horizon. It was mainly because I was lacking stability and feeling of safety. So then, you hold on to anything that comes as steady, you grab it and don’t want to let go so easily. Mainly in your mind, you hold it in a nice MIND BOX with a label -> ‘this is how IT IS’.
So when the new energy, events come around smashing it all to pieces, almost telling you –> not sooo fast !!, OH I am sorry, have you got used to this? WRONG.. next, new, challenge… There you go. Then you spend another time collecting new parts, putting nicely in a new frame together, in the mind of course, and placing another label -> OKAY – this time I know how it is. I am holding to it.🤨

You can just picture – how emotions are sticking to those concepts like glue. How hard is to build some clarity and understanding, answer the question – what’s actually ‘under my feet’?

SO, what will I do in my life? ❓❓❓❓❓

You deeply want to know – because knowing is comfortable for your mind. It is giving this lovely sense of belonging and safety. Because you recognize where you stand – right? There is no space for questions about life, reality, yourself – You know so you know <.> punto.

So you think it will stay like that…forever..

Now, getting to the part of stripping some old, dusty layers – across the years – I got to the point of understanding – THIS LIFE EXPERIENCE – it’s an ever-changing ride.

Secondly, YOU ARE the one that creates safety, stability, ultimately YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE of how the waves are floating to you – with a crush, or with a flow?🌊

Do you take your time to have a little overview of yourself?
Especially if/when you are feeling something isn’t balanced right.
If you are feeling like -> you rather have to face the reality that comes at you? Instead of – I am creating it, the norms in my life are the part of who I AM.

NO NEED TO FIGHT YOUR LIFE. 👇 Let’s make it easier, nicer shouldn’t we?
I am helping those that want to discover things – that will make a switch – face to face with all that isn’t yours.

Want to discover NEW NORMS? Your norms?
Those that will allow you to grow and feel like lightly floating. 🏄‍♀️
A PATH THAT IS ACTUALLY FULFILLING, a journey of being yourself.

I’ve always dreamed about this in my life, perhaps YOU too?

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