This post is from November 2019 so ancient history. In light of this year (2020), I thought it is important to look back into the process and evolution that is happening. With a little embracing of yourself and how far you have gone.
Even in the darkest times, the path is leading you somewhere, it takes you by the hand of a very needed transformation.

How much you’ve done.
This year – I know it’s not over yet – was full off.. and full on..


It was like balancing on the rope and continuing to discover all kinds of hidden goodies. You thought you had it all worked out already but no.. not so fast, there are layers – there is everlasting development, you can call it expansion.

It is fascinating to allow yourself to observe your evolution and those elements of the story you have left somewhere far away behind.. but not gone forgotten.

An important part of this testing the grounds, which steps are suitable, which way of living, being, working, expressing is really, really, really mine..

What are my values? How did that change?
It did, I recently shared talking with some friends how my needs are transforming over time and alongside – how I transform. It is strictly intertwined.

How do you change?

Balancing.. might feel like a never-ending process of growth and discovery.
Remember – don’t get discouraged – these experiences are leading you somewhere! It truly is a transformation.

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