What’s your default mode?

👉👇I want to share with you this practice, which is very important especially in the process of.. ENTERING NEW – next level of you – next level in your life – with your work/business – with anything challenging, that you are letting go. When you set and create a new way of being, shaping your life experience.

To enter the new >>> It is crucial to see what patterns are still there, what norms, and what beliefs could hold you back.

IN GENERAL, one aspect that is awesome to check, no matter where you are at, IS YOUR BRAINY, brain!

Check-in which ‘mode’ is on >>>
What filters do you use to process the reality>>>

  • are you used to filtering for the negative?
  • do you stop yourself from stepping into the NEW/NEXT because of worries and doubts holding you back?
  • are your thoughts scattered between different images and life options?
  • is your brain stuck on coming back to the past (over and over) but yet again?


Practice sinking into the greater vision – of those elements/ pictures/ feelings/ emotions – FEEL it – SEE it – focus on that VISION of where you are heading/ of the new/ of the desired experience.

I am serious ___practice at least once or twice a day this VISION, bring it to your mind. Replace the thoughts – from the old default – to the focus on the new image.

When it’s hard with tons of question marks, at that moment >> stay present, stay trusting, stay connected with yourself, try to hear yourself >> also SEE THE BIGGER PICTURE of where you are heading to, I call it ‘zooming out’.

Honestly, before you sleep and when you wake up –> give it a minute, BRING THAT NEW VISION ALIVE in your mind.
Feel it, see it, smell it.
Do whatever it takes to create a nearly tangible experience like it would be already your current reality.
See in detail the new version of yourself.

This is a powerful focus practice. Give it a try.

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