Salute to ‘different thinkers’

I was catching up the other day with a friend of mine on a video chat. We have met in Hong Kong in the summer a year before. It was a slightly random meeting like it often is while being on a trip. We have shared a tiny hostel room with three bunk beds, a very Asian style, no open windows, and a mysterious code for each space. It seemed more like a prison cell than a hotel room. 

We were talking about our endeavors in the meantime while being back in western countries. The thing that I seemed to realize after our conversation was that we shared a similar experience of struggles when doing something different, attempting to innovate in your life, or having an Entrepreneurial ride. When you are going to set a new stream in the pond, it is not an easy task to be doing. Especially when you are back, surrounded by regular stiff, old life norms and everybody around is reminding you of your misplacement. You might lose your grip and feel out of place, starting to question your life choices. The truth is, the results of your work take time to flourish and be picked up, understood by others. Your life path might stick out, and that makes you – not fitting in. 

You might feel odd. 

I do want to shout out to the game-changers. Please don’t get discouraged, especially when your idea is not working fully Yet. Don’t forget why you do things differently. Get back to your tribe, ‘other’ people that would share a somewhat mutual point of view. Finding the perspective is so crucial, not to sink in the quicksand of external routines and opinions of other people. 

Every time I came back from a trip, or even just visiting my home country. I felt old habits being like a giant, hungry monster, quickly starting to swallow me in.

In the ever-changing life, these crazy times need your push more than ever before. You are the light that brings some movement to the spectrum of personal integrity and self-knowing, uniqueness that blends with the togetherness. You are creating openings for others to be fine with being and living differently. You build a pathway for them, so they can also escape the always hunting, often unsatisfactory norms. It is like giving silent permission to others to express their weird, crazy dreams and uniqueness. Maybe create this life something else than it is ‘supposed to be’.

We need your innovation, we really do! We require shaking up some outdated approach to life, work, all the divisions, and living in the survival mode, which is the reality for so many people around the globe. It is time to start learning how to express individual concepts while accepting togetherness and collaboration. We are coming a bit closer together globally thanks to the technology and digital world that connects us.

To sum it up, surround yourself with different minds that will help you to gain an overview of your path from a new angle. They will keep reminding you in difficult times, that the turns and hoops of your journey have its meaning, as it is a single grain of the whole road.

There is only one thing left to say — Thank YOU, my different thinker, do not get discouraged to show your talents and passions to the world. Share with us all those new points of view and your ‘weird’ genius. 

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