How to continue -when it’s hard🤯-when you are burned🔥-when you are fed up ->your Growth Tree inside

Top 10 on what to do I was brainstorming, thinking what would be this solid List of usefulness? What could I Share? How can I help YOU on your path? The answer was simple >> to share with You what people have been experiencing, facing, and hitting similar walls while working their way to digital.

Golden MIND 🧠the 5 most important points of creating your own lifestyle 🎞️video inside

Why ‘Golden Mind’ I thought about the name of ‘Golden Mind’ due to the so-called Golden Rule – “a basic principle which should always be followed to ensure success in general or in a particular activity”. It is a perfect connection to what I am trying to tackle here. A struggle in succeeding your battle

All about Remote Working, change your lifestyle.

The magic of remote work It was a long time coming to me, years before only a glimpse of dreamy thinking. Piece by piece, it was coming as one puzzle. My travels brought it together. When I left the first time to Thailand in 2014, I have met people that were training or living their