How to Continue #when it’s hard🤯#when you are Burned🔥#when you are Fed up😵 ->Your Growth Tree Inside

Top 10 on what to do I was brainstorming on what could I bring for You.. What would be this solid List of usefulness. What could I Share? How can I help YOU on your path? The answer was simple >> to share with You what people have been experiencing, facing and hitting similar walls

Golden MIND 🧠5 the most important points of creating your own lifestyle 🎞️video inside🎁

Why ‘Golden Mind’ I thought about the name of ‘Golden Mind’ due to so-called Golden Rule – “a basic principle which should always be followed to ensure success in general or in a particular activity”.  So it is a perfect connection to what I am trying to tackle in here. A struggle in succeeding your

All about Remote Working, change your lifestyle.

The magic of remote work It was a long time coming to me, years before only a glimpse of dreamy thinking. Piece by piece it was coming as one puzzle. My travels definitely brought it together. When I left the first time to Thailand in 2014 I have met people that were training or living

Inspirations Living Different

[video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video] Open your eyes and prepare your ears to get inspired Here there is plenty to discover about what is Inspiring in the world, about lifestyles, workstyles, norms, ideas, and ways of Living Different! Additionally, Working Remotely or living a digital nomad