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#bemoreyou- transforming your experience of life

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Fast thinker
Highly Emotionally Intelligent
Expansion seeker
Perspective changer
Outside of average
Interested in
discovering Yourself
your path
creating and impacting the future

what will we do/ what do you get​

So you can stop compressing yourself, which only creates that swing of ups and downs and discontentment in your life

You can be yourself truly and not feel you have to change in order to fit in work/ life idea

We will discover your Superpowers, your natural passion, talents, abilities - and how to use them

Yes you will be Empowered and you will become friends with it, learn how to use it, you will introduce it into your life

Learn and discover how to manage your mind and emotions

We will uncover the power of your mind

Reveal the Meaning behind

We will introduce new vision, understanding - of yourself, life, work, and possibilities

Find out what is your mission, and how to bring it to your path, or elevate it in the work and life you have right now

We will strip away the layers of old thinking, norms, patterns, beliefs, blocks that keeps coming back - that are not yours, are limiting, or making your life difficult, stressful, making you feel lost, or suppressed

Create your own new norms, mindset, The Life that You want

Create a different life experience - light, easy, flow, joy, freedom of choice

Find the way to expand, grow, create progress. bring new perception

We will answer questions about You, those questions that you wanted to answer all your life

We will dive into understanding why you are 'outside of average', the regular norms are not your cup of tea

Discover what gives you a sense of fulfillment, what is meaningful to you, direction that you want to build your life path towards, what do you want to experience : how and why

What is more valuable than Being Yourself, without any pressure to be someone, or somehow

What is more amazing than feeling this drive and meaning in what you DO

How incredible is to change how You experience your life