Conversation with Michael Chapman – journey to the breakthrough

In the #SeriesPeopleandInterviews – my guest Michael is Breakthrough and Transformation coach working with Men. I had an honest conversation about the triggers in life that curve your path, about the breakthrough point, and depression. We also spoke about pursuing the image of happiness and where that happiness attributes lay. Very often, something that we

#SeriesPeopleandInterviews Richard Moore The power of networking, community, and sharing value

Richard is a Startup Consultant, Investor, and Sales Coach. He sparked my curiosity about the Networking event he has established – ‘The Entrepreneur Business Live’ – the idea behind running networking in slightly reverse order, reasonable to be a truly successful way. As usual, I wanted to get to know my guest’s story, uncover Richard’s

I asked Hannah Dixon How to build an online company. Lessons learned what was the most Difficult?

#SeriesPeopleandInterviews – Meet Hannah Dixon with her online company DigitalNomadKit supporting VAs and Freelancers she has helped about 8000 people. I wanted to get to know her story of creating the business while being nomadic for the past 11 years. What are the difficult sides of Remote work and being a so-called digital nomad? How

Series #PeopleandInterviews talking with Iwo CEO of Remote-how. Is the Remote work still in the underground?📈

#SeriesPeopleandInterviews – Meet Iwo CEO of Remote-how. I asked Iwo about his experience in the workplace transformation, remote work updates, and the current state. Is the ‘Remote work still in the underground’? Even though the amount of people working flexible is already massive. What can we do to join this transition smoothly from the individual

Meeting Lisette Sutherland director of Collaboration Superpowers, author of ‘Work Together Anywhere’: A Handbook on Working Remotely

Remote Work Evolution #SeriesPeopleandInterviews I invited Lisette to talk about her impressive experience in the Remote work transition reaching almost 15 years. It is a bit longer than the usual interview due to quite a few topics we’ve touched. I was very keen on getting to know some details about writing the book ‘Work Together Anywhere’:

Meeting with a very Inspiring Video Maker – how to reach 100 million views with your passion and accidentally end up traveling the world

#SeriesPeopleandInterviews – Project Nightfall what can You learn from a successful video maker that has worked hard 7 years/6days a week/10 hours per day. How to overcome difficulties and find a path to your passion or rather how passion guides you in a very interesting way. How to create videos and reach all in all

Meeting with Pauline from Coworkies- UPs and Downs of co-working🤔 What’s the future like? Power of Collaboration

#SeriesPeopleandInterviews Meeting Pauline co-founder of Coworkies platform – 🌎 worldwide co-working spaces and offices, a community of remote and digitally working people. What Coworkies has to offer: community, connections, professionals, and possible collaborations, jobs, co-workies spaces with insights about them. Ups🔼 and downs🔽 of co-working spaces. Current state and future of co-working. Introducing the power

Meeting with Mag Boron Founder and CEO of

#SeriesPeopleandInterviews ➡️ Amazing talk with Mag – a citizen of the digital super-continent, creator of a great community of the borderless digital nation. Plus current updates on remote work, the transformation of the working norms, environments moving to the virtual offices. A gradual transition of the big corporate players and companies. Remote based full-time jobs

Meeting with Bobby Umar- Life of Choice vs Default?🔍

#SeriesPeopleandInterviews 🤗🤓 #SpecialGuest – The inspiring talk with Bobby Umar, Life of choice leading to fulfillment and freedom. How to find your path? Importance of Connection and Networking in the digital era. What does it take to change your life? Meet Bobby Umar – A social media advocate, who champions authentic connection and leadership, Inc

Interview with Anthony 🌎🎎🉐 How I worked for an Australian Geisha in Japan⁉️

Series -> #PeopleandInterviews – Interview with Anthony His story is about how he has worked in social media for a foreign Australian Geisha, for free accommodation in Japan. What made him travel and live differently. Details about Travel and holiday visa in Australia. How it is to work there on a cattle farm and what